Zuku TV satellite packages


Apart frim DSTV and GOTV, Zuku Satellite is also a digital platform offering high quality and affordable satellite TV and digital entertainment to your TV. Has been growing rapidly and here are the packages and their specifications.


1. Zuku Poa
Zuku poa satellite packages comes with a monthly charge of Kes. 899. With Zuku Poa you can access uptown. 53 TV Channels and. 51 Radio Channels plus all the local Channels
Ksh 3999 Setup fee with 1 Months Classic

2. Zuku Classic
Zuku classic as a packages comes to you at just Kshs 1,299/-. It offers 74 video channels and 51 Radio channels inclusive of all the local channels.


While setting up you need Ksh 3999 Setup fee that comes with a 1 Month Classic.

3. Zuku Premium
At just Kshs 2,399/- you get Zuku Premium packages that is loaded with 97 Video channels inclusive of 51 Radio channels and all Kenyan local television channels.

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