YouTube For Android now lets you pause Watch History. YouTube for Android now lets you hit pause on its ability to track all the videos you watch.

The new setting is in the version 10.18 update to the YouTube app, which is working its way now through the Play Store.

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You can now tell YouTube to stop keeping track of the videos you watch.


You can use the new feature by going to Settings > Privacy in the YouTube Android app. Just as with the search history feature, turning it off in the Android version will do the same when you access YouTube on the desktop or through other platforms.

If you want the latest app now, you can grab it from APK Mirror.

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The tweak mirrors a setting already available in the desktop version of YouTube. While having your video history can be convenient, it means giving Google a lot of information that turns into those sometimes creepy ads and video suggestions. If you want a bit more anonymity, now you can flip it off.

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