You can now Type your WhatsApp Status apart from Pictures


This feature called WhatsApp status, really irked so many people and why they should have just left it the way it was. The introduction of status meant that WhatsApp will be a three tabbed app where the first tab would be for chats, the secondary one for status(es) from contacts and your own and the third tab for calls (both video and voice call – it’s been long since I did any of them, the quality is poor). However, people complains made Facebook return the favorite status feature but then it was taken to settings.

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Today from an update that I did, I can even just type my WhatsApp status apart from only uploading the images and adding some description.

The update brings about two floating icons; one, a camera icon whose work is when you want to launch the camera or select picture for your WhatsApp story/status.

Type your WhatsApp Status

The second is a pen icon that shows when you tap, you have the option of creating a picture like status and choose background for the same.

You can still add emojis within your status and make it as much appealing as you want. The background color of your choice.

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Steps on How to Type your WhatsApp Text Status

Step 1

Ensure you have the updated WhatsApp app and that when you access the Status tab you are treated to these two floating icons as shown below

Type your WhatsApp Status

Step 2

Tap on the pen or pencil icon just above the camera icon for the floating icons. There you will launch an activity that allows you to type your WhatsApp status on a custom background and set as a WhatsApp status.

Type your WhatsApp Status

I think and trust in those two steps listed above, you are capable of setting a text status update on WhatsApp other than the picture driven WhatsApp statuses.


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