Yellow Pages to Relaunch Website with Improved User Experience today


Global listings company Yellow Pages is thinking of having a better user interface that will see many people engage on the platform as they connect seamlessly to business. Today, Yellow Pages is relaunching a new website that is designed with user experience in mind and how other people will relate with the new website to be relaunched today.

Yellow Pages is a business directory websites or company that seeks to offer space for businesses where individuals get to share information about their companies or businesses plus their contact details.

Yellow Pages to relaunch redesigned Website today with improved user experience
Yellow Pages to relaunch redesigned Website today with improved user experience

The new website will provide quick navigational experience to help users access more information that they actually need with ease. The improved user experience and interface is made to make the website user friendly and at the same time encourage users to find fresh and relevant information with ease on the platform.

Yellow Pages Chief Executive Pedro Gomes will be at the event and will relaunch the newly redesigned Yellow Pages website that will see it attract and stick to users. A good designed website always keeps hold on visitors as they would like to know and learn more due to the appealing experience.

The event will be held today at the Teleposta Towers, Wing C, 21st Floor, Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi CBD as from 11.30 am.


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