Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 is one such intelligent and awesome 4G phablet by the Xiaomi Company. The RedMi Note 2 features awesome specs such as 2GB of RAM and also comes in two versions of 16GB and 32GB of ROM that adds up all your storage needs. It also runs on the latest and improved Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

Let’s focus on the important review of the Xiaomi RedMi Note 2. Being a better and one of its kind.

System Properties of Xiaomi RedMi Note 2.
Xiaomi Note 2 runs on the latest and better UI designed operating system. It runs on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop with the powerful MIUI 6 user interface. It is powered by a 64-bit Helio X10 Octa Core with 2.2GHz processor. The processor has a MediaTek MT6795 chipset and PowerVR G6200 GPU.


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Display Properties of the Xiaomi RedMi Note 2
Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 features a 5.5-inch FHD display screen. It has a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with 400 ppi. This screen size makes this fall in the category of phablets. The 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution beautifies your watching of your videos.

Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 Has Plenty of Storage
Let’s talk wide on this topic. Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 offers a wide range of variations with a 16GB version and the other having 32GB of internal storage. This boosts and offers great storage for all your files be it games, apks, video files etc.
Xiaomi RedMi Note 2, both versions have 2GB of RAM. The 2GB RAM provides effective, faster and responsive phone applications. With this kind of phone you don’t need to worry of app failures or hanging cases for all issues are settled.

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Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 Camera Properties
Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 is such an elegant phone when it comes to its cameras. It has dual cameras that’s the front camera and the rear camera.
It features a 13.0MP primary shooter that captures all important events. This has a LED Flash that illuminates and enable capture of images in dark sects or lighting.
It also features a 5.0MP front shooter that is backed by a LED flashlight to brighten your selfies.
The 13MP cam captures images at 4160 x 3120 pixels.

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Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 Battery Capacity
Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 is powered by a 3060mAh capacity. The battery is a Lithium-ion polymer battery. This is enough to power your phone for up to 46hours of standby time.

4G Connectivity
Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 is one of the latest smartphone with 4G LTE capability. This means high speed uploads and blazing download speeds.

Price and Availability of Xiaomi RedMi Note 2
Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 was announced in August 2015 and it features two versions of different prices. The 16GB version for $168 and the 32 version going for $205.