XiaoMi Mi Band 2 White LED smart wristband Specifications and Price


Virtually controlling your smartphone is majorly the work of a smart watch. With.added functionalities though, the smart watches now can monitor your sports training, monitor sleep,  show call alerts, wake you up along others. This is done by this XiaoMi Mi Band 2 white LED smart wristband, which comes additionally with ability to stay up to 30 days on standby.

XiaoMi Mi Band 2 White LED smart wristband features smartest wireless technology that enables connection with a device.

The XiaoMi Mi Band 2 is different from XiaoMi 1 by the fact that the XiaoMi Mi Band 2 has a TPSiV band. This is unlike to the XiaoMi 1 features with a rubber band

XiaoMi Mi Band 2 works on standby mode for up to 30 days. It features the smart Bluetooth chip and the military gravity sensor. With full charge the XiaoMi Mi Band 2 can stay on for up to 30 days on standby mode.

With a smart call reminder you don’t now miss calls thanks to the XiaoMi Mi Band 2.

Below are a couple of features that make the XiaoMi Mi Band 2 a real catch in this market. Alongside the 30 days standby, below are other amazing properties.

Elegant and Beautiful Dial Surface of the XiaoMi Mi Band 2

XiaoMi Mi Band 2 is a magnesium-aluminum alloy that make up the dial surface of the smart wristband. The alloy of magnesium and aluminium is very light hence a lighter smart watch.  The TPSiV band with the XiaoMi Mi Band 2 brings in wearing comfort.

Call Reminder of the XiaoMi Mi Band 2

XiaoMi Mi Band 2 features a call reminder for alerting you of any calls. With this on your wrist you’ll never miss a call because you were far or your phone was on silent. XiaoMi Mi Band 2 informs you instantly of any calls.


Sports & Health Tracking of the XiaoMi Mi Band 2

Sports Tracking is a beautiful feature of the XiaoMi Mi Band 2. It monitors all your distance, calories. It also records your steps during training. Seamlessly track and achieve your sports target with XiaoMi Mi Band 2.

Sleep Monitor of the XiaoMi Mi Band 2

Health is important. Enough sleep is best when had fully. Give your body enough rest. XiaoMi Mi Band 2 lets you know whether you had a deep or shallow sleep. It works also to inform you when it is time for sleep.

Wake Up by the XiaoMi Mi Band 2

XiaoMi Mi Band 2 wakes up at that right time. You have no worry of waking up late. With the silent alarm that relies on vibration to wake you up will get you up at that right time.

Free Password to Unlock Phone

Incase you forget the pattern or gesture or pin for inlocking your phone. After connection with the gadget, XiaoMi Mi Band 2 can unlock your phone just by bringing it close to the device.

30 days on Standby

XiaoMi Mi Band 2 can last up to 30 days on standby. It seems 45mAh is small but it takes that long to power the smart watch. It doesn’t use lots of power.

Basic Information Brand XiaoMi
Type Smart Wristband
Bluetooth YES
Bluetooth Version 4.0
People Unisex
Waterproof YES
Waterproof Rating IP47
Colors Black
Body Dial Dimension 14 x 36 mm
Weight 14 grams
Battery Type Lithium Ion polymer
Capacity 45mAh
Rechargeable YES
Price and Availability Price $10.49 (Kes 1000)
Vendor Gearbest

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