PayPal to Equity Bank

Equity Bank Limited is looking forward to rewarding its customers who will withdraw a minimum of $200 (Ksh. 20,000) from PayPal to Equity Bank. Equity Bank will be rewarding the 20th customer to do 10 transactions using the Equity Bank selfcare portal.

Equity Bank Limited through its partnership with PayPal allowed users to withdraw directly to their bank accounts. The PayPal to Equity Bank withdrawal takes 3 business days for the amount to be credited into your bank account.

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The competition is open from 1st December to 31st December. The first person to hit 10th transaction at number 20 will get a free paid trip for two by Equity Bank Kenya.

What you need to Participate in the Win a Trip by Equity Bank

  • A PayPal account
  • A bank account with Equity Bank Kenya
  • Have created an Equity Bank self care Portal Account
  • Connected your Bank account to Self care portal
  • MUST have a linked PayPal address on the Self Care Portal
  • And have at least USD 200 or $200 for each transaction you handle.
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Each withdrawal will have a minimum of USD 200 per transaction for you to win the trip.


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