Infinix Big 6
The Infinix Big 6. What to know. The features and specifications of the Infinix Big 6

The post tittle above doesn’t really mean that the Infinix Big 6 will feature a 32GB internal storage. From an earlier post I wrote about Infinix Big 6 I talked about it having a 16GB ROM which I believe doesn’t fit to be the internal memory of the Infinix Hot Note 2 as it will probably be called. The Infinix Big 6 well seems has a big name and a bigger overhaul of features and so that brings me to whether it is time Infinix looked for something better than 16GB.

Tecno Mobile was used this routine for long but it wasn’t really something their fans really loved. Until they released the Tecno Phantom Z wth 32GB and the record breaking Tecno Phantom 5 too having a 32GB storage just succeeding the Tecno Phantom Z. Anyway Tecno too doesn’t perform well on this front. The Tecno Phantom 5 would have rocked with a 64GB ROM but that’s just my opinion probably they’re working on something new and better you never know.

Not to go astray the point of this article, my title question basically brings me to sharing with you the little specifications and offer a critical review of the Infinix Big 6 (Infinix Hot 2 as it will be called).

So what makes this device not to be fit with the 16GB internal storage or ROM is it larger display and largely also the better proposed RAM of 2GB and the frequency or clock rate of it. A smartphone of its caliber will at least need to have a 32GB ROM that will put it back into the competition.

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Probably majority of you happen to have come across any device close to or about that size on a tablet if am not wrong. Imagine a 6-inch display, we’re used to 5.5 inch phablets which have come with a new name that takes it from the smartphone category to the phablets. Now where does this new thing in the offing fall with its 6.0 inch HD display? Is it one of the phablets? Well, I believe it is still within the phablets category.

It also promises a better screen resolution better than the 1280 x 720 pixels to a more rocking porbably 1920 x 1080 pixels who knows lets wait till 27th Nov to get a glimpse of this awesomely wonderful gadget let down by its smaller ROM.

Infinix Big 6 Release Date and Review


Infinix Hot 2 another name for the Infinix Big 6 will be running on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS that will give it a better UI that the previous gadgets which needed upgrading to Lolipop. Don’t be sad that Infinix Big 6 won’t be featuring Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It is being released this November 27 which means that there’s no way they wiould have incorporated the same.



This is where my question comes in handy. Well I don’t care whether they don’t listen but sincerely speaking I bet a good number would agree that 16GB won’t be enough and it needs some expansion. Back to Infinix Big 6 Specs, it will come with a 16GB internal memory or storage that it believed to service all the storage needs by Infinix which I disagree. However, I congratulate them on including a MicroSD slot on this Infinix Big 6 gadget that can be expanded up to 128GB. Quite a tick there.

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On top of that something else that has caught my attention is the capability of them to capture and quip the device with a better 2.0GB RAM that will be tasked with ensuring that all instructions and commands are executed smoothly and swiftly. Thumbs up ♥


It is indeed amazing to see them put a very smart camera for the next big smartphone in Africa the Infinix Big 6. It is not the first Infinix Big 6 device to feature a 13MP primary camera as the likes of Infinix Hot has such camera and the Infinix Hot 2 too has such camera.

However, the 13.0MP puts in a better place to compete with the Tecno Phantom 5 even if probably they are not in the same league.

It is also believed it will pack a 5.0M megapixels front camera that is quite low. Although some rumors stage it at around 2.0 megapixels which is just a standard selfie cam of the small lower end gadgets.

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4040mAh BATTERY [√]

I can proudly say that I love the 4040mAh battery capacity that is accorded the Infinix Big 6 which will be able to serve the whole day and won’t get you worrying when making calls that probably you gonna run out battery.

The battery is a lithium ion polymer battery time that makes it a real good. Something nice is that it is rechargeable just like other smartphone. It is not yet clear if it will be built-in or removable. Will keep following the same and I will inform you.

[highlight] Based on the few specifications listed above I believe am not mad when I say 16GB is not enough for such a gadget. So Infinix Mobility should try to work a way out of offering better storage for the value of their clients even if their products are usually affordable but should they put in anything good, then a 32GB or more ROM will sure mean something.[/highlight]

Below is a Table of Expected Features

 General Information Brand Infinix
Phone Name/Code Infinix Big 6
Type Phablet
 System OS Android
version Android 5.1
Processor MediaTek
Cores 8 Core
Frequency 1.4GHz
Display Size 6.0 inch
Protection YES
Type HD
Storage RAM 2GB
MicroSD  YES
Expandable to 128GB
 Battery Type Lithium ion polymer
 Capacity 4040mAh
Rechargeable YES
Technology Fast Charge Technology



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