Africa Digital Network (ADN) Consortium is an amalgamation of three media houses that is Standard Media Group, Royal Media Services and Nation Media Group. The three media companies came together in a move to get and have their own BSD license under ADN consortium. Even though the three media houses have been faced with challenges, they are almost ready to go via Africa Digital Network (ADN).

Africa Digital Network (ADN) to offer free to air TV

Some two weeks ago the main TV station KTN, NTV, QTV and Citizen TV were off air due to what would be referred to as a strike. The four media houses decided to pull their content from other pay TV services like SIGNET, GOtv, Zuku, PANG and Startimes after their analogue transmission systems were switched off by the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK).

wpid-logo.pngLast week on Thursday 6th March 2015 at exactly 6.50 pm GMT+3 the media houses were back on air but with demands that the CAK sends a letter to pay TV services such as Zuku, GOtv and Startimes. The letter was to help find a memorandum where the TV stations would have their content on the pay TV services after they have paid. They also wanted the copyright issues addressed.

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Now what is remaining is that, if ADN wants GOtv, Startime and Zuku to pay for the content from the top media houses will it be offering free to air content? Yes ofcourse it will. Since ADN is only available in Nairobi at the moment we’re not sure how long it would take to reach other places.

And then what now. When there set-top boxes arrive will they have other channels apart from the four channels owned by Nation Media Groups, Standard Media Group and Royal Media Services? That’s a question that people are asking themselves without answers. But what I know is that after the meeting held by the Key stakeholders such as Aga Khan with President Uhuru Kenyatta it would be posible for Africa Digital Network to offer other local channels apart from the four NTV, QTV, KTN and Citizen TV.

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As time goes by let us wait patiently as ADN roles out its infrastructure all over the country to offer their viewership to a large and diverse audience.


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