Budgets sometimes are not willing to stretch to the extent of buying the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge that significantly have huge prices. But if you’re a first timer to use a smartphone and you don’t have that much, then Wiko Sunset 2 is the phone that you surely should get be it from Safaricom shop or whatever store. The Safaricom shop offers the phone just one bob under 5k (Kes. 4999).

I have gained love for the Wiko Smartphones. Probably you wondering what Wiko is, it is an international smartphone brand. The Wiko Slide 2 is the evidence that surely they have invested in their products. They don’t do smartphones only they also do feature phones as low as 1k but that should be a phone for your 90 year granny who never stepped in school. Anyway that’s not the case. Forget about it.

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Wiko Sunset 2 doesn’t feature a wide display, if you want those larger displays the likes of 5.0 inch + probably Wiko Slide 2 can do that, Infinix Zero 3, Infinix Hot 2 and the expect Infinix Hot 3. The Wiko Sunset has a smaller display a 4″ (4 inch) display that is smaller i tell. If you have eye problems then wear glasses while using it.

Table of Contents for Wiko Sunset 2 A budget friendly smartphone for first timers

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Performance & Battery

Wiko Sunset 2 is not that slaggish even though it has a 4 inch screen. It spots a quad core processor clocked at 1.3GHz. Plus the system resources are handles by the 512MB RAM (quite low for heavy gamers). FIFA by EA Sports,  Modern Combat 3-6, Firefox for Android and a couple of games like Candy Crush Saga/Soda won’t be supported on the phone all at the sametime.
Anyway to some people gaming is just but a vision, if gaming ain’t your choice, well you got a cheap companion.

Power supply for the Wiko Sunset 2 is a minor, a meager with 1300mAh believe me you, you won’t enjoy the juice. Frequent charging well is not my thing but I bet that can last for under 2 hours for heavy internet users and gamers.

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Connectivity and Networks

One good thing with Wiko Sunset 2 is that it’s a 3G enabled phone. Well not all areas have 4G/LTE network connectivity. So this phone can function normally. Since you’re not downloading 1.5GB movie for 10 minutes.
It has DUAL SIM on standby meaning you use both your similar cards since I doubt if a single Kenyan has a single SIM.


Wiko Sunset doesn’t run on the latest os. Not even running on the predecessor. But well, Android 4.4.4 KitKat is not bad. The overall performance is better than previous versions like Jelly Bean or so.

Its processor is a quad core processor with a clock rate of 1.3GHz Cortex-A7 processor.

My Opinion on Wiko Sunset 2

Wiko Sunset 2 is not a bad phone. If you’re a first time smartphone user with a budget of 5k then buy it. Its performance is beyond bar.
It is not my choice but it will perform significantly better. To avoid running low on space messages, then don’t install bigger games, and heavy apps.


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