Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is changing the way we interact. Giving all that a simple SMS app can give and also adding many more other features makes it really rocking. Now you don’t need a phone number to use the Messenger.

Sometimes back even phone numbers were not required as in was not essentially important. But when it came to issues of verification it was important to include a phone number in major online sites such as Google+, Yahoo, Facebook and many more. To this day according to a statement by Facebook’s Vice President David Marcus, phone numbers will be a thing of the past when using messenger.

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Facebook Messenger has come just at a right time is setting things up to be the only app that you will need to do all that you can. Recently was the partnership between Facebook and the Uber saw introduction of Facebook Transport and many more things are coming this way. Now you can literally book your travel or just get a ride via Facebook. What a revolution!

Facebook Messenger

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I mean in the near past we used to have phones with aerials, we even didn’t text so much. SMSs and all sorts just came a few years ago. But now I think you can do almost anything with your phone. Not just making calls and texting but many more.

If you can use messenger without using having a phone number then it literally means that you don’t need a Facebook account to use Facebook’s Messenger application. This is will make it more of a messaging app that it was for the social perspective.

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What are you thoughts on this? Are of the idea that Facebook has done great to rid off phone number on the Messenger? Talk to us. Engage us.


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