Why you never win with SportPesa


Online gambling nowadays is the thing to go with. From student to business executives and all slights of the people, the jobless too place bets.


They pray hard that they win their possible wins. Some do but majority do lose because of simple mistakes.
Here are reasons why you never win with Sportpesa and that you should rectify on them.

#1. Placing bets with little knowledge of the teams.
Atleast be aware of the kind of team you re placing you stake for. Don’t go for those odds placed with them.

#2. Choosing teams with lesser odds
Don’t just go for lesser odds you will lose because of misinformation on the team. Carry out your research properly on those teams.


#3. Always wanting more
Why do you always place a bet with only 100bob and expect to win 100000? That’s not realistic at all. Go for a single game that you’re sure of. And that small win will bring a difference.

#4. Bet for lesser teams
Don’t place your bet on more teams. Do place bets on lease number of games that way you will be sure of a win.


#5. You never assess your games
Make informed decisions look at the team’s performance. The head to head and so forth. You will be able to win with better informed decisions about the games.

I hope with that little info you know now why you never win with Sportpesa

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