I could be pretty hard to decide if the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or HTC One M9. Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the HTC One M9 are both awesome phones that you would crave for in this World of changing technology. Just why do I prefer Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to HTC One M9? I have compiled a few reasons that possibly will be a key guidance to any one who wishes to purchase any phone apart fro, the duo that’s the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the HTC One M9.

Design: HTC has  done great in boosting their strategy to stick with its iconic design and and this what makes the HTC One M9 easier to carry or just hold than the HTC One M9. However, the S6 Edge has an awesome new and unique design that you will just love. The navy blue color of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is just a killer for anyone. At least break from the monotony of white or black smartphones.

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Camera: With the changing world no one loves a phone with poor selfie taking capability. Camera specifications are key to any kind of smartphone. You should be of more concern on the camera capability if you wish to record all life changing moments with your phone. The awesome camera on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is of course easy to use and this makes it or lifts a notch higher above the HTC One M9.

Wireless charging Technology: Who will deny that this isn’t the best news for your smartphone? Chargers are not that long. So with the wireless charging technology you’re capable of charging your phone just from your comfort. This is more of a convenience thing. However, with the glass back of the Galaxy S6 Edge you will need to be more careful of the kind of wireless charger that you use on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
Physical home button and fingerprint technology. Samsung has tried very well to ensure that they have easy launch features on the coming Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. With the home button which is accompanied with A Camera Launch button. With easiness you could launch the camera app. With the fingerprint technology, there’s no need to worry about lock screen security.