Why Citizen TV, NTV and KTN are back on air


Several viewers and television favorites have had rough time since they went off air approximately 19 days ago. Many have had to wait for the four TV stations to turn their TVs back on. Cases like in Kakemega who said they won’t watch news until the four stations are back.

Citizen TV, KTN, NTV and QTV expected to be back on air by 1850Hrs

The top 3 media houses privately owned have had a commanding power in the number of viewers and also in terms of revenue. The stations gave lost and also made big time loses regarding those advertising revenue. This revenue is believed to be millions of money that have give these houses the power to thrive.

There were rumors that these media will have to lay off their journalists which has not been the case. However,  the stations went ahead to use the online platform to air and broadcast their news. There’s limited viewership when it comes to online streaming.

After all that Citizen TV, NTV, QTV and KTN are expected to be back on air by 6.50pm. However, most of their grievances haven’t been addressed such as copyright of their content on the digital platforms.


African Digital Network the digital distributor for the three media houses has laid the foundation. A complete installation of the infrastructure in Nairobi is done. This now makes the people who own digital TVs or decoders access these channels.

The ADN is waiting for their set top boxes which will further broaden their coverage within the country. The media houses have gone ahead to alert viewers that their content is absolutely free and they should not pay anything.

The main reason for coming back to air seems to be to cover up for the loses incurred over the period they were offline.


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