There are several reasons to believe a bigger RAM means awesome and blazing speeds of processing.  Why say so?

Important: A bigger RAM coupled with a faster frequency and high number of cores/arms means that your phone will perform better, faster, responsive and offer blazing speeds.

Imagine 3GB of RAM, 2.0GHz and 8 cores. That’s awesome and high end performance that will perform faster than the average smartphone.

#Second situation, a 3GB RAM, 1.0GHz and a DUAL core processor. Can this be compared to the one above? No way because RAM alone will schedule many applications and schedules that will need to be performed by the same 1.0GHz processor and Dual Core.

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#Third situation a 1GB RAM, 1.5GHz and Octa-core processor. Now can this be in anyway comparable to second situation? Yes, the second one has a bigger RAM than in the third situation but loses it down on the other section.

Basically what am saying is that RAM alone cannot perform and won’t perform in anyway. Why say so?
I have witnessed and used varied smartphones from the farthest lowest end to the high end smartphones.

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The first one had a 256MB of RAM and possibly a less than 1.0GHz, lacked internal memory. You can imagine that a slower smartphone, that won’t run major application because of little RAM.

With a bigger RAM and high frequency and number of cores you will never expect a message like “running low of space”.

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Do you see that. So as a new smartphone buyer or someone who needs a better phone for certain purposes, you need to focus on the RAM, frequency and number of cores. Not that alone also the processor type matters.

Be it the Snapdragon™, Intel etc.