Probably you have heard of several messaging apps that are in the market today.Those that control a large number of online users. Who still texts anyway. Things to do with social media and all other sought of. We have had microblogging sites such as Facebook, Twitter and many more but these two are the most popular.


Just sometime ago, Facebook acquired WhatsApp which claims to control a large number of users of up to 700m and look they also bought instagram the photo sharing app. But why are they doing all this. Are they securing their online presence. Do they want to be available like for the next century. Probably not a century. Facebook has also introduced its messaging app. That’s Facebook messenger leave alone WhatsApp. We have the messenger that Facebook has devoted to. Even in a move to make people go for the messenger, it has many features that ain’t available on the normal chat.

I guess if they were to get much users to join, I bet they will get rid of that, the messaging option in facebook to allow android users embrace the messenger.

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Google is neither left behind. They have their own. You remember Google Messenger? Now called Hangouts. You can call I mean evn video call with that. It also has inbuilt messaging option. And now it takes a bolder move to include a normal messaging app. That allows you to read your other messages via the app. A bold move indeed.

So tell me why you should still text when we have things like WeChat, Line, Telegram and all sort not forgetting WhatsApp, Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger. People nowadays prefer to buy those bundles whatever they may need to get chatting online rather than using the chatting options provided by the telecommunications service providers.

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Am not saying that I don’t text. I do because not all my closest buddies and family have smartphones. I text once in a while. So there it goes will the social messaging app take over from our normal texting options. That’s a mystery to unfold in less than a half a decade to come.


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