WhatsApp Voice Calling is now enabled for all Android users. However, even if most of us thought that this will replace the regular calls, it seems that’s not going to happen. WhatsApp Voice Calls are free, but if you are not using a Wi-Fi network when you make a call, then you might feel some lags during the call. It seems that the caller will spend more data than the one which receives the call.

For now, the WhatsApp Voice Calling quality is not that good also, so it seems that the developers will need to work more on it. According to a report, a minute of WhatsApp will “eat” around 0.15-0.20MB of 3G data. With other words, for a WhatsApp Voice Call that lasts 5 minute, you will use around 1MB of 3G data. It seems that Voice Calls made on 3G work pretty well, but when the connection is 2G, there is a lot of lag going on. At the same time, a minute of WhatsApp Voice Call on 2G will “eat” around 0.35MB, which is way higher than on 3G.

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So, unless you have unlimited data connection on your carrier, we’re pretty sure that you won’t want to waste so much data plan for making Voice Calls. However, as long as you use a Wi-Fi connection, we’re pretty sure that you will want to “abuse” this Voice Calling feature as much as possible. First of all, there will be no lag (in case the other person has at least 3G connection) and you will not waste any MB, as the connection will be made via Wi-Fi. At the same time, while connected to a Wi-Fi network, WhatsApp Voice Calls is a great feature to use for international calls.

It seems that, for now, WhatsApp’s Voice Calling feature is not as we all imagined. For now, we will still use the regular calling from our carrier, at least until more and more carriers will release cheaper unlimited data plans.

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Remember that the Voice Calling feature can be activated only on Android and you will need to install the latest version from WhatsApp’s official website.