Several users over the days have had their WhatsApp accounts suspended for allegedly using third party applications like the case of using WhatsApp+ (Plus) to access whatsapp messages and everything with it.

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WhatsApp+ (Plus) comes with several features which lack in the original and Official WhatsApp Messenger App.


If you have been using Whatsapp on Android devices for a while then you know that it took forever for Whatsapp to update their application to conform with Google’s Holo Yolo design guidelines. For many an Android enthusiast, every time Google releases new design guidelines, they expect them to be rolled out to their favourite applications as well. Other messaging apps like Telegram have already done so. Whatsapp? Not yet. So if you really want a Material Design-themed Whatsapp app where do you turn to?

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This is where Whatsapp+ comes in. It has had hundreds of themes for a while. Users simply choose a theme of their choice and customize the app to suit their tastes. On the official app you can only change the chat background image. Nothing more. These visual themes are the biggest selling point for Whatsapp+ and others like it.

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WhatsAppp+ comes with Themes that enable you yto customize the design of your WhatsApp application.

It too has emoticons like the case of Google Hangout which lack in the official app.

However since whatsapp has taken it to ensure customers use the official whatsapp messenger app then you need to download the original whatsapp application that’s from the Google Playstore.

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