WhatsApp introduces a Desktop App


WhatsApp a mobile communication messenger has tightened the bolts to try and fit into the competition. WhatsApp has seen the need for developing a native desktop App for the messenger application to hold onto business that would otherwise rely on it for communication purposes.

WhatsApp introduces WhatsApp Desktop Application. Image Source: WhatsApp Blog

WhatsApp has developed a native desktop App that’s available on Windows 8+ and Mac OS 10.9+ versions and if you have a lower version then consider upgrading if you wish to use WhatsApp. The native desktop application for WhatsApp isn’t any different from the WhatsApp Web then we saw. The WhatsApp Web which was launched last year involved syncing between your phone and the browser. And this is too replicated in the desktop App.

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WhatsApp desktop App will allow you to sync the communication between the two devices. That’s your desktop computer or laptop ? and your phone or WhatsApp enabled phone. For the desktop App to work effectively you will need an active internet connection on your phone and your computer. You will connect your desktop App to WhatsApp similar to WhatsApp Web. By going to settings then WhatsApp Web to scan the QR code. To download the WhatsApp desktop application visit https://www.whatsapp.com/download using your desktop.

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The Pros of WhatsApp Desktop Application

  • You don’t need to constantly confirm your phone for any WhatsApp chats
  • Get a wider view of your chat screen
  • Improve communication if used in businesses

The Cons of WhatsApp Desktop App

  • Not any different from WhatsApp Web
  • Relies on internet connectivity on your phone and desktop
  • A little bit insecure on desktop even with the end to end security
  • It is not that efficient
  • Not supported in lower versions of desktop computers i.e Windows 7, Mac OS 9 and below
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What’s your take on WhatsApp developing a standalone desktop application? Your feedback and thoughts ? on the same are invited.


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