With WhatsApp being one of the major and most used messaging app on every smartphone, there are some few tips you need to secure your chats. WhatsApp currently boasts of over 700 million users and you can imagine the number of messages sent and received daily. Billions of messages are send through WhatsApp. Imagine a single bug or flaw within the app without tips on how to secure you chats. It will mean that you will maybe lose your chats or even your content accessed by illegal persons.

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WhatsApp Calling

The application allows you to send and receive photos, video and audio files, text messages and even share your location with your friends. There are many stalkers all over leave alone the internet. If you don’t know how to secure your chats, brother you’re in trouble. People will access your WhatsApp and send your files to themselves without you knowledge. You need to be keen in handling some people.

With other words, some users tend to exchange some sensitive details such as bank details, birthday information or other personal information. If this information gets into the wrong “hands”, we’re pretty sure that the bad guys will use these personal details in a way that they can steal some money from your bank account are missing or who knows what they’re capable of.

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Today we’re going to give you some tips about how to secure your chats or WhatsApp application.

Backup your Chats.

Sometimes it happens that in one way or the other we reset our phones back to factory settings. This means that all your applications and their data will be wiped clean or unistalled. This means you will lose your chats. To secure you chats, you have to back up your WhatsApp conversations. To do that access Settings >> Chat Settings >> Backup Conversations. Also you can email you conversations to your email account.

Lock your WhatsApp

One day you will have or yiou had a friend use your phone for whatever purpose it was. But do you know that not all friends are genuine. Some will go through your personal stuff, such as photos or WhatsApp messages. And, as you already know, opening WhatsApp doesn’t has no password, which means that they can read all your WhatsApp private messages with ease. However, by using Lock For WhatsApp application, you will be able to create a password and add it to your WhatsApp application. You can also use other third party apps such as App Lock to provide a PIN/Password for your WhatsApp.

How to deactivate a WhatsApp account from a stolen device

In case you lose your smartphone or someone steals it from you, there is a way to deactivate your WhatsApp account remotely. First of all, you will need to go to your carrier and ask the representatives to deactivate that phone number and give you a new SIM card with it. After that, by using the new SIM card which has your “old” phone number, install WhatsApp on your new smartphone and activate your WhatsApp account. This will automatically deactivate WhatsApp on the lost/stolen smartphone and will be activated on your new device. Since one account cannot run on different gadgets at the sametime.

Hide your profile picture if need be

WhatsApp has no way of regulating who can contact you. As long as the person has your contact they will see your account. This gives them the power to save your profile picture if they need it. However, on WhatsApp you will be able to select to whom you allow to see your profile picture. To do this go to your WhatsApp Settings->Account->Privacy->Profile Photo and select Everyone, My Contacts or Everyone.

Logout from WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a new feature on computer that allows you to access WhatsApp through your computer, the best thing to do after you’re done is to logout from the website as soon as you are done or about to leave. This is because messages will keep coming even if you log into your WhatsApp account from your smartphone. With other words, someone who will stay at that computer will keep receiving new messages and see all your private conversations.


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