Several weeks ago I read on blog which claimed that WhatsApp calling was just a scam but I can prove it otherwise. WhatsApp calling feature being still in testing mode not all users and the WhatsApp downloaded doesn’t support it by default.

All you need to do is be called by a person who has the feature activated on their WhatsApp and just today I woke up to find my WhatsApp having three tabs at the top navigation beginning with Calls, Chats and the Contacts.

WhatsApp Call 4

This is an awesome way to get WhatsApp into great and winning competition with other messaging apps that embrace the feature. With WhatsApp calling you don’t need any credit to call smeone but it’s dependent upon bundles. If you are online and the caller is online then you’re able to communicate just like I did call 6 of my friends this morning who had WhatsApp calling missing on their gadgets.

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Just how does it look?

WhatsApp calling has an awesome user interface with tabbed navigation at the top made of three menu actions that is Calls, Chats and Contacts on the same main activity.

WhatsApp call 1

The WhatsApp call tab has additional features. It records the WhatsApp call logs where you can also clear call logs. At the top we have the search icon/button and a Call+ button that allows you to see all users that you can call or whose WhatsApp version can be called.

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The Chats has all the chats or messages that you receive including groups and anything else that you share with your personal and private chats.

WhatsApp calling is still and invite feature, I mean you have to be invited for the feature enabled on your phone or tablet that has WhatsApp installed.

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Also the version of WhatsApp that you are using matters a lot for instance am using the latest version of WhatsApp which cannot be found in the play store at the moment. My WhatsApp version is 2.12.19. To download the latest version of WhatsApp you have to download from the WhatsApp website.

WhatsApp Call 3

Am offering free invite or WhatsApp calling and if you need you WhatsApp calling enabled on your gadget then get in touch with me. Possibly via the Comment Box or the Contact Page or if you need my number i can give it out.