WhatsApp since being acquired by Facebook back in 2014 has gone through much development including scrubbing off the yearly subscription fee of $0.99 that was being charged previously. Facebook has taken WhatsApp through thick and thin to the extend it is now. But WhatsApp should make money in whatever way because Facebook is not going to let it just be free forever. That’s where WhatsApp Business comes in.

New Features Added to WhatsApp since Facebook Acquired it include: –

  • Deletion of messages for Everyone (send to groups or individuals)
  • Sharing live location
  • WhatsApp picture status
  • Video calling
  • Voice calling etc.
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What does WhatsApp Business Entail?

  • Business profiles
  • Messaging tools
  • Messaging statistics
  • WhatsApp Web for Businesses
  • Account Type and so on

Differences between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp for personal profiles

WhatsApp Business features business profiles which includes profile links to Facebook, opening and closing hours and have account type with some being verified accounts. The WhatsApp for personal use has no url, or connection with Facebook profile page, category, some about information and address.

WhatsApp Web: Both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp have the WhatsApp web feature. This is a feature that allows you to view, reply and send messages to person or businesses using a PC browser like Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc.

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Auto reply feature in WhatsApp Business cannot work on normal WhatsApp. Businesses will have to set auto response if they want customers replied to directly.

Meanwhile WhatsApp being one of the popular messaging platform, it will be a nice idea to have WhatsApp Business in place. Communication and customer feedback will be important considering WhatsApp enjoys over 55 billion users worldwide.

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WhatsApp Business for small business enterprises will be free to download and use. However, Facebook the parent company owning WhatsApp is promising an enterprise version of WhatsApp that will see big companies that have branches all over and enjoy a huge customer base pay some fee.

Am waiting for that time we will be able to order anything directly on WhatsApp from sites like Jumia, local restaurants with delivery option, Gearbest, Aliexpress, Ebay and much more.

What exciting feature about WhatsApp Business do you want to try out? Talk to us


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