What do you think can happen in case WhatsApp free support moves or it doesn’t make you happy? There always an option for everything. Be it a better one or just a substitute. So what are the WhatsApp alternatives that you could use.

1. WeChat

This one is another great app that comes with its own set of perks. One of them is the group messaging options that let you have groups as large as 100 people, all sharing in a nice conversation. It also offers a lot of tools for expressing emotions, with animated stickers and what now available, for spicing up your conversation.

2. Skype

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Skype is pretty much the best you can get when it comes to video calling. The app has set the standard for this feature a long time ago, since it’s on the market for quite some time. In all the years Skype had at its disposal until this point, they managed to improve quite a bit, and now they can pride themselves in being one of the very best available.

WhatsApp Alternatives that you Could Use

3. Viber

Starting out as a mobile application only, Viber has extended its business to PC and now offers a more diversified service pack. It is great for both texting and voice calling over the internet, both free with other Viber users, so if your friend has Viber too, you can chat all day free of charge.

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is something the majority of people using the internet are connected to. There was a times when the Facebook application had Facebook Messenger built-in, but now it comes as a stand-alone app. Facebook Messenger is a great alternative for WhatsApp and it’s completely free of charge. All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to chat.


LINE registers your phone number into its database where you can then connect with your phone contacts who are LINE users. An advantage of LINE is that it allows you to reply to messages by installing a PC or MacOS program, provided you register your number with an email account. Besides text messaging, you can call other LINE contacts through the app with an Internet connection.

Table of Contents for WhatsApp Alternatives that you Could Use

6. Kik Messenger

You register on Kik with your email address, then choose a unique username to allow other users to find you. The app is very simple and does a good job in sending messages to individuals or group. There are no calling capabilities but you have the overall basic messaging functionality supported on a wide variety of mobile systems, for free.

7. ChatON

ChatON is an app created by Samsung and is a basic messaging app with no calling features. However the app has found its way to many other markets or platforms. You can choose to sign in with your Samsung account or skip the process and just enter your name. Verify your phone number and the app will start checking all your onboard contacts to see if any of them are on ChatON. The chat is on when you find fellow ChatON users.

8. Groupme

Groupme caters to people who want to chat in a group. You log in with your email and then verify your phone number by sending an SMS with a code to the provided number. What’s unique about this app is that it supports group messaging over SMS. So in the event where someone in the group doesn’t have a 3G connection, the person can still receive group messages for a small fee. Each message sent or received will be charged as an SMS sent to the United States.

9. KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger also uses your mobile phone number to send you a 4-digit verification code when you register for an account. It then goes through your contacts to find for other KakaoTalk users, similar to how WhatsApp does it. There is also the ability to start group chats, send pictures or audio notes, and share calendar and contact information. Oh, and it does calls too, to other Kakaotalk users over an Internet connection.

10. LiveProfile

LiveProfile starts off by asking you to register with an email account. After that, you have the ability to add your phone number where other users can find and contact you. Each account will also be given a LiveProfile PIN, this lets you share that PIN to others without giving them your phone number. It has no calling features but it does have standard messaging features with the abilty to start a group chat and send pictures or videos.


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