WordPress has and is the popular and most used blogging platform which can noe be termed as a content management system a CMS in that matter. WordPress for Android brings you all the features that eases your blogging experience just into your palm. So what’s new in WordPress for Android 4.1? A critical question isn’t it?

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WordPress Team recently released kabisa update to their WordPress for Android app. This update brought along it several features that are or have boosted bloggers experience on their handheld gadgets.

WordPress for Android 4.1 features a tabbed start page with four tabs at the top bar. This gives you all features at one point with no need of pressing or touching the menu button on your handset or gadget you using.

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First Tab features your site(s) information that allows you to check the stats, have a look at the blog posts and much more. This also allows you to edit your blog settings. Leave alone that, you can also manage your blogs from this first tab.

The Second Tab features freshly pressed content on blogs that you follow. This gives you timely updates and view of the blog posts from blogs you love. Just at a swipe of your finger you’re ready to go to this amazing tab.

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The Third Tab features user account information that shows a user icon that’s your avatar uploaded to your gravatar account or to your WordPress account.
It also gives you account settings and what have you. Remember all these is just within the palm if your hand.


Finally the last and fourth tab within the new WordPress for Android 4.1 features notifications about your accounts, comments to your blog posts, pingbacks and any other notification from your WordPress account.


Additionally while viewing your site’s stats i think it would take a very long time to load on the previous version of WordPress for Android. In WordPress for Android this is drastically reduced into just a tiny fraction of the loading time it took previously.


Another new feature is the floating button for adding a new post to your blog posts. This button is present in all tabs and does not just show when you’re viewing the blog posts but is everywhere. This means you can start a blog post from any point while within the app.


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