What's Internet.org and Free Access Websites


What is Internet.org?
Internet.org is a Facebook-led initiative with the goal of making affordable Internet access available to the two thirds of the world who are not yet connected and to bring the same opportunities to everyone that the connected third of the world has today.


Facebook’s Internet.org app provides free basic services enabling people to browse selected content in several categories.  The Internet.org app initially launched to Airtel customers in Zambia. This app is too available in Kenya and users of Airtel or rather the subscribers of Airtel don’t have to spend a coin on accessing the websites.

The partnership between Airtel and Facebook has an aim of allowing people to socialize, learn and also educate themselves. This is based on the several categories covered by the free sites. 

How does Internet.org work?
To use internet.org you need to be an Airtel customer. You can access the services via the Internet.org app and www.internet.org. Normal data charges apply when browsing outside the set of free basic services.

This website majorly do not display pictures or photos hence you will incur additional charges when it comes eti viewing the photos. This is evident in the free Facebook version of the free internet.org.

The free basic services are available in a variety of categories

Categories and Free Sites


News and weather
AccuWeather – this mainly or majorly is a web all that offers such information about whether. Such as rainfall patterns,  temperature etc.

BBC News anyone who doesn’t know about BBC probably is from another planet. You can access their news for free.

BBC Swahili this is the Swahili version of BBC website.

Daily Nation – A Kenyan based traditional and recent media owned by Nation Media Group. It also offers print media that’s the dailys.

Jamii Forums – this is a forum website that allows people discus latest issues and share latest trends. Offers a platform for also sellers to place products and get them reviewed by other Jamii forum users.

With technology nowadays people rely on online media for information.  SuperSport is a better example of these sites. You can access SuperSport.com for free from Internet.org.

BabyCenter & MAMA is here to give you the latest tips about maternal health and many more for free

Ebola Information is a website that offers free information about Ebola as a disease. It’s causes and the symptoms and much more

Facts for Life this also offers the best health knowledge and tips that you probably need.

Totohealth is majorly concerned with infant health and also maternal health issues and tips.

Jobs and classifieds
BrighterMonday on daily basis people access or look for jobs. BrighterMonday is absolutely free for you on Internet.org.

OLX it’s an advertising site that offers a platform to place ads and listings for free.

Education and information
Girl Effect provide news and tips on girl health. Through this it serves as an education portal.

Scholars4Dev find scholarships for your education. Now it’s free courtesy of Airtel and Facebook.

Wattpad provides daily tips and also educates the public.

Wikipedia who doesn’t know Wikipedia. This is like an online encyclopedia. Provides you a platform eti get all the articles on various topics

Communication and Social Media

Facebook faced is the top and social media giant. Offers chat and other features. You can access it absolutely free on Internet.org.

Messenger those who use messenger app you got covered too.

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