What you should know about Safaricom Neon Smart Tab


Safaricom Neon Smart Tab is one of the best tablets around that goes for as low as Kes. 8,999/-. Possibly you’ve heard of these neon gadgets from Safaricom, the likes of the neon smartphone. Well here are a few things of what you need to know about Safaricom Neon Smart Tab.

Safaricom Neon Smart Tab is a better gadget with a 7-inch display with a screen resolution of 960 X 540 QHD. It boasts of the large resolution TFT display. The display gives you access to additional features such as playing games and improving user experience through larger viewing screen.

Safaricom neon Smart Tab
The Memory
The Safaricom Neon Smart Tab comes along with a default 512 MB RAM. The gadget has a compatible design for up to 1GB RAM. What that means is better performance. It goes to host a 4GB internal storage memory.

Safaricom Neon Smart Tab is among the few cheaper Tabs that have dual cameras. It sports a 0.3 MP front camera and a 2.0MP Rear Camera (Compatible design for 0.3MP Rear Camera)


Safaricom Neon Smart Tab runs on an Android OS with a dual core 1.3 GHz clock rate and cortex A7 processor.

Safaricom Neon Smart Tab features a 2820mAh battery. The battery is of awesome help to a gadget of its calibre. I bet you would love its performance.


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