What to Know About PayPal to M-PESA Transfer Merchants


It’s a growing economy whose major tranactions are streamlined through the online way. Online that’s through the PayPal payment service, others such as Payoneer are there but they haven’t taken root. Believe you PayPal is the only largely used online payment platform there is. Get me clear on that.

If you do not have a US Bank out be sure withdrawal will be a problem. First your PayPal account will need to be verified that’s using your Visa Card. It’s not hard verifying your PayPal account. Kenyan PayPal users well have been somehow helped by the Equity PayPal Partnership even there are a couple of delays. This amount is transferred just directly to your Equity Bank Account. Equity Bank can be one of the PayPal withdrawal agents/merchants.

Others are the PayPal to M-PESA Merchants. It is not hard to be a merchant but buddy there’s Akita needed. A verified account as aforementioned, which you can use to receive payments from clients.

You need to get a trusted agent because losing $200.00 ain’t a joke. Trust issues labda concerns should be the forefront. Rely on communication strategies, communicate with them before performing any transactions.

These merchants charge a lot sometimes to transfer the money directly to your M-PESA. You will incur normal PayPal charges plus their charges. Which also some add the M-PESA transaction fee.

Some merchants like Chura had a swift way even to the extent of using a PayBill number. They have worked around and improved security while also adding up charges. So you should keenly analyze and see who matters most.

Be safe and stay safe while transacting online. There’re lots of scams. Safety first.

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