Competition is always present in any kind of business. And this evident in our telecommunications companies that is Airtel and Safaricom.

Airtel's UnlimiNet

Even though Safaricom commands a large subscriber base it has some features that aren’t pleasing. Airtel went into Internet bundles to give a stiff competition to Safaricom on that side.


Airtel released a bundle subscription unit called UnlimiNet to its customers at a cheaper rate. This move gas seen majority of users get to Airtel to enjoy these cheap bundles.

Here are a few facts about UnlimiNet on Airtel and what you get with corresponding prices.

UnlimiNet comes in 3 units that’s the daily, weekly and the monthly subscriptions.

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Daily Subscriptions
1. Daily at 50/-
With Kes. 50 you enjoy 100MB of data, 20 Minutes of talk time to any network. It also comes with 100SMS.
NB: All bundles are inclusive of Unlimited WhatsApp,  Gmail, Twitter and Facebook.

2. Daily at 100/-
Kes. 100 gives you 300MB data with 60 Minutes of talk time to all networks. It is accompanied by 300SMS.


Weekly Subscriptions
1. Weekly at 250
From just as low as Kes. 250 you get a subscription worth 500MB of data. Thus also comes with 500SMS and 100 Minutes of talk time to all networks.

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2. Weekly at 500
With Kes. 500 you are entitled to 1.5GB of data accompanied with 300 Minutes of talk time and also a 2500SMS for those that like SMS chatting.

Monthly Subscriptions
1. Monthly at 1000
Ate you ever tired of buying airtime?  Just use Kes. 1000 you have all the internet you deserve that is 2GB of data along with 400 Minutes of talk time to any network plus 2000SMS.

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2. Monthly at 2000
Do you use more than 2000 a month? Get rid of the extra with this subscription. This comes bundled together with 6GB of data, 1200 talk time minutes accompanied with 10000 SMS bundle.

With this kind of subscription around you don’t need to worry of anything for everything is covered under Airtel’s UnlimiNet.

Note: Remember that all bundles come with unlimited WhatsApp,  Twitter, Facebook and also Gmail.