Bamba TV is a digital free to air set top box launched by Radio Africa Group. It came to the limelight after the start of digital migration in Kenya. Just like one would say Bamba TV is free to air or free for life if I may say so.

All you have to is to buy your BAMBA TV decoder, connect it to your exiting TV antennae, and use the connector that comes with the decoder to connect your decoder to your TV.  Switch your decoder on, it will scan the digital BAMBA TV frequency, assign all the channels that you need both local and other international free and premium channels brought to you absolutely for free courtesy of Bamba TV.

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Justice TV among Bamba TV Channels

But what are these Premium Channels offered by Bamba TV? That’s a question running down the mind of every person whenever they listen/hear or watch a Bamba TV decoder. With a claim of over 50+ channels just for Ksh. 3299.

This is as same as the Zuku Poa package which goes for around Kshs. 899. You can compare that to the Bamba TV and you will see it’s a bit economical given the inclusion of premium channels.

Here are the Premium Channels offered on Bamba TV that are operational at the moment. See where Bamba TV Decoders are sold

  1. TED
  2. France 24
  3. Cage Warriors Fighting Championship (CWFC)Fashion TV
  4. Al Jazeera
  5. African Movie Channel
  6. Peace TV
  7. Justice Central
  8. GOD TV
  9. African Movie Channel Series
  10. Deutsche Welle
  11. EWTN
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Other channels

  1. Movee4U
  2. African Movie Channel
  3. Nollywood Channel
  4. Nollywood Movies
  5. Al Jazeera English
  6. ES.TV
  7. Fashion Box
  8. Smile of a Child
  9. EWTN Africa
  10. God TV
  11. Recipe.TV
  12. Cartoon Club
  13. Freckle TVCars.TV
  14. Justice.TV
  15. Peace TV
  16. MMA Warriors
  17. WWWX
  18. Docu Box
  19. Films on Reels
  20. iFilms TV
  21. World Fashion Channel
  22. Fastnfun Box
  23. Madscreen Box
  24. 360Tune Box
  25. Movie Club
  26. Deutsche Welle
  27. France24 TV English
  28. NHK
  29. Fashion TV
  30. Film Box
  31. Film Box Art House
  32. Clubbing TV
  33. Pets.TV
  34. Channel M1
  35. HIP TV
  36. Nigezie
  37. Ofive
  38. OH TV Africa
  39. Fight Box
  40. Comedy.TV
  41. JCTV
  42. Press TV – Arabic/English
  43. TBN
  44. The Church Channel
  45. TVC News
  46. Venture Channel
  47. World War Channel
  48. Channels TV
  49. CMTV
  50. Launch TV
  51. MCBN
  52. Al Jazeera Arabic
  53. RT
  55. Janta TV
  56. Dove TV
  57. Inspiration TV
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