What Microsoft's Project Spartan means for Internet Explorer


Microsoft is gearing up to launch its own alternative to its once-dominant Internet surfing program. Internet explorer has been largely disregarded by majority of people since it’s not up to date with the other rivals. And this shows that after a period nearly to two decades has shown Microsoft that they need to be upto speed with their competitors. What does Microsoft’s project Spartan mean for Internet Explorer?

Microsoft Project Spartan Browser

Microsoft has built a new web browser designed for the modern web and mobile devices to go with its new Windows 10 operating system that’s coming later this year. Explorer will still be available, but Microsoft hinted this week that its new – and as-yet unnamed – browser will get top billing in the future. This is to give them a fast hand in matters of competition with rival browsers.

Though exact estimates vary, market researchers say Explorer has been outpaced by Chrome in recent years as the world’s most widely used web browser. While some analysts say Explorer is still the leader on desktop PCs, it lags far behind browsers made by Google, Mozilla and Apple for smartphones and tablets.


Explorer isn’t going away completely, however. Many businesses use web-based software that relies on Explorer. Microsoft will likely support both Explorer and the new browser for several more years, so it doesn’t alienate business customers by forcing them to rebuild their systems from scratch, Hilwa said.

Microsoft unveiled the new browser, known inside the company as “Project Spartan,” at a January press event. Corporate Vice-President Joe Belfiore touted features designed to make it easier for users to view web pages, save them or share comments about them with friends. Even then, the company said it would continue offering Explorer with the new version of Windows.

Project Spartan is expected to come along with many additional features to have the caapacioty to compete with other new browsers, the likes of Mozilla, Chrome. It’s rumored that ‘Project Spartan’ will support addons within the browser and other third party plugins.


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