What Makes Infinix Note 2 Outsanding?
What Makes Infinix Note 2 Outsanding?

What really makes Infinix Note 2 outstanding? This is a question that I believe is going through several phone lovers. Of what features does Infinix Note 2 have that are far above the normal smartphone that we are used to have? Basically this is a question that seeks to help you understand why Infinix Note 2 is not like any other phone. It is not the Infinix Hot 2 neither is it like the Infinix Hot Note. This is a smartphone of it’s own league.

What Makes Infinix Note 2 Outstanding?

Well, having talked about varied types of phones and different varieties, I believe Infinix Note 2 is not like any of them. Well, some like Tecno Phantom 5 beat Infinix Note 2 with a wider margin in varied fields. There’s one field or feature that Infinix has always beat Tecno when it comes to it. That’s the battery capacity.

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The Outstanding Features

1. Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

Well am proud to say again that Infinix Note 2 runs on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop operating system. This operating system in theInfinix Note 2 isn’t like the Lollipop upgrade on the other Infinix devices like Infinix Hot Note. Infinix Note 2 has an upgraded version of Lollipop.

Even though am not too happy of the handset, I actually love it. I had wished that it had delayed a bit so it can be the first to roll out Android Marshmallow handset in Africa but well that was not the case.


2. 64bit Octa Core MT6753 Processor

It is not very easy to come across a handset with this type of processor. So with the Infinix Note 2 I will give the Infinix Note 2 a tick because this is faster performance and responsive system. With a clocking rate of GHz well this is not a joke men. It is a real deal in here.

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3. 6.0 Inch FHD IPS Display

Just like I said in my previous posts about Infinix Note 2 and what makes the Infinix Note 2 outstanding, actually the biggest thing here is the 6.0 inch display. This is not a smart watch, it is not a tablet if you have to think of it as a tablet. Infinix Note 2 is a smartphone probably it might gain the name phablet due to this huge display.

But what does this huge 6.0 inch display mean. This means you got a whole new experience with gaming on your Infinix Note 2. This will be a whole new level compared to a 5.0 inch display which are most popular by the way.

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4. 4000mAh Battery

This is the section I said that Tecno always loses to Infinix. Many phones by Infinix Mobility are usually powered by larger batteries with reasonable capacities. The best smartphone from Tecno having a better battery was the Tecno L6 with a 4,500mAh. The Tecno Phantom 5 has a battery capacity f just less than 4,000mAh. Congratulations to Infinix for doing these awesome inclusions in their devices.


5. Super ARM Mali-T720 Graphics Processing Unit

Graphic Processing Unit usually denoted as GPU is responsible for handling all graphics needs of a smartphone. be it the games, watching, playing everything else. You require a good graphics handler to deliver. This is also another feature among what makes Infinix Note 2 outstanding.

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