What is VibeCampo Social Network?

Know what VibeCampo holds

I have lived this life knowing abc… as it was the education then. Right now I feel we’re in a completely different world made up of tech innovations. We need this to get up and stand in the way and let technology boost our lives. Why say this. Campus community hasn’t been of focus so much when it comes to social networks, to connecting the large campus population world wide. VibeCampo I know can do this and will do this for this population and the come.

Your Question: What is VibeCampo Social Network?

VibeCampo is a social network which based on the two terms ‘vibe’ and ‘campo’ you will realize what this means. Campo is a slung word for Campus that’s where now vibe comes in to help connect the global campus community.

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VibeCampo started in Moi University is focused in making tremendous success in this field of social interaction. VibeCampo won’t just stay in Kenya, VibeCampo social network is for the global campus community, that means those students who’re in universities, colleges, technical institutes, those who are finishing high school and are admiring of joining campus.

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VC Club Cloud

What does VibeCampo Offer?

Well this is a nice question. What does VibeCampo offer? Well there are very many things and stuff that campus community holds dearly which VibeCampo has seen the need of implementing these. VibeCampo apart from giving a social campus network, it also offers additional features which are missing in other social networks.

VibeCampo is guided around several principles. VibeCampo has passcodes not really that but what they intent to offer through a word list. Below are a couple of words guiding VibeCampo team towards delivery of astute goals to the campus community.

Social, Network, Share, Connect, Interact, Campus, University, College, Timetable, Polls, Surveys, Campus Events, student, lecturer,teacher, professor, doctor

That is just a small list of the words. What VibeCampo offers is:-

  1. Private Messaging
  2. Status Updates
  3. Campus Cloud (Storage Platform)
  4. Campus Noticeboard
  5. Campus Events
  6. Campus Polls (carry out polls of events and campus politics)
  7. provision of information
  8. Writing Platform (Pulse)
  9. Channels (Brands)
  10. Communities
  11. Employment – Ambassadorship
  12. Advertising space
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VibeCampo Pulse

These are a couple of what VibeCampo offers. I will discuss them in detail in my next article in this series of VibeCampo.


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