Google usually carries out a review and assesses what is most searched in the country and  now to the counties. Starting from Nairobi County, Mombasa and even Kisumu county.

Here is What is trending in Kisumu Kenya courtesy of Google

Kisumu Trending Searches
Screenshot of Google Trends


Table of Contents for What is Trending in Kisumu Kenya?

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1.Maseno University

Maseno University tops the list. This might be as a result of majority of students in Maseno which is located in Kisumu happen to search for the University more often on Google

2. EPL Table

Most students are football fanatics and Kisumu County has several uiversitites and colleges. This gives it a boost to appear second as they’re busy looking and wanting to know how the English Premier League table looks like.

3. Google Translate

Of course Kisumu has several English scholars and this makes Google Translate a tool for them when they want to learn other lingual.

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4. Ali Kiba

Just how will a Tanzanian (Bongo) musician appear among the top searches in Kisumu County in Kenya? This might probably be as a result of his visit to the place.

5. University of Nairobi (UoN)

Quite not so sure of what makes UoN top the list of top searches in Kisumu. Youth from Kisumu do study in Nairobi and that is Uiversity of Nairobi. This gives it a boost in this lakeside city.

The others include

6. Teachers Service Commission

7. KNEC Results – just after releasing exam results for the KCSE/KCPE Results.

8. OCLC Classify comes in at number 8.

9. Mount Kenya University

10. Kenya Revenua Authority (KRA) comes in last at the top 10 on What is trending in Kisumu Kenya courtesy of Google



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