Betyetu just like any other sports gambling site has come back after a little short duration of maintenance that saw the upgrading of the website. What is new in Betyetu? This is a question that probably you’re asking yourself about Betyetu.

What is New?

Table of Contents for What is new in Betyetu?

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1. Live Matches

Betyetu has come back with live matches. A place where it offers commentary of probably all the games or the featured games. With this you’re capable to monitor the heat among the plating teams. You can now get notification of a goal, a yellow card, red card and even half time.

Live Matches on Betyetu

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When the game is at half time you’ll see the word Half Time written at the front of the commentary box.

2. Livescores

Betyetu has come back with another new feature and this is livescores. Livescores allows users to monitor the games they bet on and also be aware upon 90 minutes if their favorite bets have won or not.

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3. A better UI

The best user interface is what attracts people to a website. A website with poor visual appearance pisses off the gamers. With this new user interface Betyetu is in to have other more customers join it’s service.

Betyetu live matches

4. Better Odds

Betyetu has come with better odds on given games. This allows customers or gamblers to make the best and win big out of less games.

5. Many Matches Included

Betyetu has gone ahead to include so many matches to give the users a choice of preference. This allows them to bet on the team they deem are the best according to their understanding. This offers a variety from which gamblers can have a choice and alternatives.


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