What feature on your phone can improve your sex life?


There’s everything in the Android World. Talk about anything and you would find an app about that thing. Now we have certain android features that can improve your sex life. But what about the little-known feature on your phone which could make your sex life amazing? A feature that can make you the best in bedroom matters. Would anyone hate that app really?

Smartphoen feature that would booast your sex life

Durex recently released a new advert showing couples what app could improve their sex-lives no end. What is not known is whether this does and works as they stipulate.

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Different couples are shown footage from the condom maker about what they believe is a “new device to bring couples closer to together”.

After detailing how much they use their phones to scan Twitter, post on Instagram or bid on eBay, they are shown the ground-breaking new device.

The off button.

As it dawns on the men and women that they may be spending too much time on their phones and not enough under the sheets, some laugh, others cry and one even says to his boyfriend: “I feel like you’re cheating on me with Twitter.” Absolutely because people are now more obsessed with micro-blogging services that’s twitter and Facebook. This social networks are destroying relationships not to work.

Another woman says to her man “I’m sorry I neglected you for Twitter” and another says to her girlfriend “I feel like my priorities are not in the right place”.

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The video has been released alongside a study by Durham University, commissioned by Durex, which reveals that extensive use of technology in relationships is seriously impacting how often couples have sex, even cutting intercourse short and causing tensions in relationships.

It’s simple people, smartphones are super but there’s no substitute for sex.


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