There’s nothing as controversial as when you’re talking of social media platforms. These include the popular micro-blogging sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites have grown and gained a lot of users to unimaginable numbers. This means more money and business for them.

Social media

But with the high number of users of these social media platforms, it has become hard for content posted on these sites to be moderated. Now the issue of ethics and moral values come in. All manner of posts about people’s personal lives and what they ought not to have shared with the world.

Many and majority of the social media users have failed completely to recognize the functions of social media platforms that is Facebook and twitter. People are using their accounts to spread hate speech to air out their negative and heart felt issues which in one way may hurt someone online too apart from those close to the person.

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To some extent social media has helped individuals brand themselves better. Individuals find what makes them whom they are. People gain knowledge through social media and as such become more conversant with the specific field of specialization in online entrepreneurship.

Businesses are taking it to social media to market their products and goods and services. Why? This is because they know these platforms have many potential customers who only need to be aware of the product offered.

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Another effect of social media might be loss of morals. Kids who join Facebook and Twitter are exposed to adult content at very tender age. This corrupts their minds and leads them to doing unimaginable things and wearing unworthy characters within and without themselves.

Social media is beneficial if applied in the right way and only content of value should be given to the public the audience that is. Get connected and use that online presence for your good and the good of the society without interfering with the morals and ethical issues.