What are bloatware? What is bloatware if we are told they don’t have plural? Well for those who don’t bloatware are the system’s preinstalled apps (that sometimes have no purpose ) that come with the phone. Bloatware according to me have never been my thing. I hate bloatware as hell that’s why if i gave you my phone you will be amazed at the performance and the little number of apps I got.

Essentially having useless bloatware uses up space that would otherwise be of great importance or you would have used it to install a smarter and better app. The bloatware are apps that phone manufactured stock in the phone system to come as preinstalled for instance in some phones you would find you can’t uninstall YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp (quite useful though) things like To Do List, Games, Huawei Apps and so forth. They use up a lot of space that otherwise would be for another purpose.

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In some smartphones you’re given the option of disabling them but not uninstalling. Other apps nowadays are ad oriented and I bet you can’t evade bring annoyed by them. The best you can do is to get rid of these apps that have no purpose at all in your phone.

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I rid over 10 apps from my phone. Like the Email application, yes it comes with the phone, it might be essential but nowadays Gmail and Yahoo allows you to use their app for other email services so why let it eat up space. Like the default Android browser, if you don’t often use it, the best medicine is to rid it. To Do List, normally phone preinstalled apps like the To Do List have a funny and weird interface you install a custom app from the app store be it Windows Store, Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store and so much more.


For Samsung Phone the S-Series and others you find apps like S-Planner, S-Health all those S-Apps I think you might not use them in the lifespan of your phone. There’s no purpose clocking up the device for no important reason.

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But to get rid bloatware you will need access to the system. You will administrator privileges and that can only be achieved through rooting your phone. Find out how to root your smartphone.