Vkworld T2 Plus is a flip phone that’s been known for a long time. However, because of extremely difficult processing and craftsmanship, the launch of T2 Plus has been delayed to the end of 2017. Now the phone is ready to be released and vkworld has also improved the phone with better specifications. Both the VkWorld T2 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 are flip phones.

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Flip phones or clamshell phones are very rare in today’s market. There are very few companies who still produce them. And most of these flip phones are just feature phones for the elderly. Samsung just released the incredible W2018 in China with a ridiculously high of $2500, which is not affordable for most people. And of course Samsung has cheaper flip smartphone like Galaxy Folder 2. We can compare it with vkworld T2 Plus and see which one is better.

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VkWorld T2 Plus

Table of Contents for Vkworld T2 Plus VS Galaxy Folder 2, Flip Smartphone Comparison


Galaxy Folder 2 offers a 3.8-inch TFT screen that has a resolution of 800*480 pixels.

The Vkworld T2 Plus: brings on board dual 4.2-inch IPS 1280*768 pixel screen.


Galaxy Folder 2: comes with Snapdragon 435 chip. Vkworld T2 Plus OK the other side comes equipped with MediaTek MTK6737 chip.

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Galaxy Folder 2 stunningly offers 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. The Vkworld T2 Plus: 3GB alongside a 32GB internal storage.


Galaxy Folder 2: 5MP front camera and an 8MP

Vkworld T2 Plus: Front camera 8MP and a 13MP


Galaxy Folder 2: 1950mAh

Vkworld T2 Plus: 2500mAh


Galaxy Folder 2: Android 6.0

Vkworld T2 Plus: Android 7.0


Galaxy Folder 2: $259

Vkworld T2 Plus: $259

We can see that vkworld T2 Plus outruns Galaxy Folder in many areas, especially in screen. T2 Plus has the same IPS displays on Blackberry P9982, a luxury phone co-designed with Porsche. Vkworld T2 Plus also comes with titanium frame and leather back cover. It aims at the market of businessmen.

Article written by John who was comparing the Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 and VkWorld T2 Plus and so the need to publish on Reviews Tabloid



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