Vivo X20 Plus

Vivo X20 Plus follows the Vivo X20 which is due to launch just the same way the X20 Plus is on the way and we might see it by October 2017. The device has a bigger screen placed at 6.4 inch. The phone will support 4G network and also it promises a bigger battery.

The device features Snapdragon 660 chip with an octa core processor and runs on Android Nougat. The phone has a 4GB RAM and also it features a bigger storage.

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It runs on a unique lithium polymer battery. Vivo X20 Plus features dual camera at the back. The phone has a unique selfie shooter and actually stands out as smart, premium device.

Vivo X20 PlusVivo

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Key Vivo X20 Plus Specifications

  • Display Size: 6.43 inches FHD
  • Type: Super AMOLED screen
  • Resolution: 1080*1920 pixels
  • Pixel Density: 376ppi
  • SIM: Dual SIM
  • 4G: LTE supported
  • OS: Android 7.1.1 Nougat
  • CPU: octa core Kyro 260 processor
  • Chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660
  • RAM: 4GB
  • ROM: 64GB
  • Front Camera: 12 Megapixels
  • Back Camera: Dual rear cameras (12MP + 5MP)
  • Battery: 3900mAh
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Vivo X20 Plus is unique and the super AMOLED display gives this phone an upperhand and gets it to the premium category alongside other features it has.


Vivo X20 Plus


The handset features a unique and bigger display screen. The screen is equipped with a super AMOLED 6.43 inches. The display features a full HD screen with 1080*1920 pixels screen resolution.

Platform and Storage

The Vivo X20 Plus runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and also prides in having a super 2.2GHz octa core Kyro 260 processor that is fitted with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset.

The phone comes along with 4GB RAM and has a 64GB internal storage that will take you a while to fill.


The phone (Vivo X20 Plus) like earlier mentioned has some unique camera features. The device has dual primary cameras and a 12 megapixel single selfie shooter.

Vivo X20 Plus

The back facing camera on the Vivo X20 Plus features a 12 megapixels camera alongside a 5MP camera.

The Battery

This handset ahs unique battery power. With the bigger display which also exhibits FHD properties you sure it won’t go so slow on battery. The phone has 3900mAh battery that offers the power to run this unique phone.


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