Gaming at hand. Video watching and all other stuff cam only be done with the. Vido W11pro3 Transformer Laptop Tablet PC. The Video W11pro3 Transformer is a tablet or laptop. It is an 11 inch tablet or laptop. The device, the Vido W11pro3 transformer tablet PC is such elegant and slim. It features a great user interface and design. It is made in such a way that you will love. The design is for anyone with 4GB RAM.

The Vido W11pro3 Transformer Laptop is powered by an Intel chip and running on the latest Windows Operating system, the Windows 10. Gaming is given a higher notch with smooth experience and performance.

It is time to fetch and unveil the specifications of the Vido W11pro3 Transformer Laptop Tablet PC. It is time to establish whether it is worth the money. Is it worth the value? Well, that you will come to conclude at the end of this article.

Vido W11pro3 Transformer Laptop Display

Vido W11pro3 Transformer Laptop Tablet PC features an 11.6 inch display screen. The device screen features a 1920 x 1080 pixels screen or display resolurion with a 16 : 9 display ratio that offers good experience for watching videos and browsing the Web.
The display is good and awesome for gaming.

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System Properties

The Vido W11pro3 transformer tablet runs on Windows operating system. The device has this beautiful UI from the Windows 10.

Ir features the Intel Cherry Trail X5-Z8300 Quad Core processor with a clocking frequency of 1.44GHz. The processor offers swift and experienced speed. The speed of such awesome.

The device frequency is capable of being upped to 1.84GHz equipped with better performance, delivering plenty of power for multitasking and fueling casual games and movies

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It is powered also by a great Graphics Handler or Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). It features the Intel HD Graphics Gen 8 processor with up to 500MHz is better and faster in playing games and watching videos

Storage and Memory of the Vido W11pro3 Tablet/Laptop

RAM is essential. The Vido Laptop carries on board a 4GB RAM that is capable of upping the game on the performance of the processor and overall performance.

It also carries on board a 64GB internal storage for all storage needs. The memory also offers ultra-fast surfing online, video playing and 3D gaming experience which makes all applications faster.

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You can expand the storage with additonal 64GB by the MicroSD card.

Super Awesome Battery

The Vido W11pro3 Transformer Laptop or Tablet PC features a lithium ion polymer battery. The battery capacity is a 9000mAh. This battery has the power to handle and give you a wider and longer online hours.

HDMI output :
The Vido W11Pro3 features a HDMI port that could use a HDMI cable to
connect your tablet to output the tablet display onto TV screens, monitors or projectors and many more.

Price, Availability and Where to Buy

The Vido W11pro3 Transformer Tablet PC is available on presale from Gearbest. Its shipping will start from Feb 20th.
The price of the gadget is $298.88 (Kes. 29,900). You can place your order and have it delivered for free.