VibeCampo; Discover, Explore and Grow

VibeCampo social network started way back in 2013. The social network has been in existence since and has managed to gunner support and build user base and now it enjoys up to 15k users.

It now serves a redesigned and restructured motto, user interface and even they have an android app that can be downloaded from the play store. The social network now looks at helping users discover, explore and work towards growing their talents.

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VibeCampo; Discover, Explore and Grow Logo and Tagline




With introduction of swag (where VC users can get goodies from tips like Hoodies, T-Shirts and Wristbands), tips (these are redeemable points gained when sharing on VibeCampo).

Table of Contents for VibeCampo set for Relaunch with A Couple of New features

New Features on VibeCampo

  • Tips (Points redeemable for goodies)
  • Communities (Groups)
  • Swag (hoodies, t-shirts and wrist bands)

VibeCampo Tips

The points that are gained when users interact on VibeCampo are called tips. Create posts, join groups and even create goals that you can accomplish. These points can then be redeemed. These are now referred to as Tips on VC.

VibeCampo Tips


Communities are groups bringing together light minded individuals such as Innovation, Software (brings together coders and programmers). In these communities you get the chance to create goals and checkin to mark a milestone in your talent or goal accomplishments.


VibeCampo Swag

Gain enough points on VC and stand a chance to even redeem stuff like hoodies, t-shirts and multi color wristbands branded VibeCampo.

VibeCampo Swag

You should not stop there. VibeCampo re-branding and online relaunching looks out to make users conversant and also realize the far they can go by following VC’s goals and mentor-ship. The social network has rebranded a logo that now loooks more lively and brings out the real look of VC.


How VibeCampo Goals Work?

Their goals works just as a goal setter. Working on a project? The best way is to have somewhere where you should check in to post your progress. VC users too can offer advice.

VC’s Goals check in allows vibers to participate, nurture and grow their talents and projects to completion.

Showcase your experiences, share with the people close to you progress and insipire someone. Also you have the chance of asking questions and having like minded fellows responding to them appropriately.

Also you get the chance to get access to opportunities that often comes from fellow students and so on.

VibeCampo Social network has also launched an Android app that can be downloaded from play store

Access VC Social Network Here


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