Ultimate Guide on How to Pay your GOtv bills via MPESA


GOtv is a pay TV provider in Kenya offering a variety of channels and other programing at a fee. Well those who had no time to shift during the digital migration can do so via GOtv.

Today am providing a one time quick guide on How to Pay your GOtv bills via MPESA. Nowadays everything is turned digital and you don’t need to queue up for long hours in order to page your bills. You can do it through MPESA.

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You don’t have to miss your favorite channel in order to pay your bills. Just from the comfort of your home you can easily pay your GOtv bills. In this post you’ll learn How to Pay your GOtv bills via MPESA procedurally.

1. Go to Mpesa menu and choose Lips na Mpesa.
2. Choose the Paybill option thereafter proceed to step 3.
3. Key in the GOTV Paybill number which is 423655
4. Key in your IUC number; the IUC Number can be got from the bottom of the decoder on a red sticker.
5. Key in the amount of the package you wish to pay for based on your pocket size and channel diversity. You can find the different packages available to you here and the GO TV Channels they offer.
6. Type in your M-Pesa PIN which should always be your secret,  one person’s secret.
7. Check again to ensure that you have input the correct information
8. Wait for a confirmation message to inform you of the successful transaction.


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