There are many different outcomes, at its most basic is the overall winner of the match, sometimes called the 1X2, Full Time Result, or Win-Draw-Win. For this there are three possible results in any game: Home Win, Draw and Away Win. I believe this Ultimate Elitebet Betting Guide will help you.

A betting coupon will show you the prices attached to correctly predicting the outcomes of the match.

How to Bet via SMS on Elitebet
In order to take a bet, the best thing to do is to know the match that you want to place your bet on, the outcome you want to back, and the money you want to place on a team (stake). We determine the match by using a number, the bet by using the # symbol and another number, and the stake
comes after *.

Ultimate Elitebet Betting Guide

You need the stake to be in your elitebet account. The stake is the money you’ll bet with. To top up your account,  you send the stake/money  via MPESA to your Elitebet Account.

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Go to MPESA Menu -> Pay Bill -> Enter Business Number 850700 -> Account elitebet -> Enter the amount you want to stake -> Enter your MPESA PIN and confirm.

You will get reply with a PIN code so you can bet online via this site as

How to Place the Bet Online
To place your Elitebet bet online, you will need to login to your elitebet account. Login using your Phone number and the PIN that was sent to
you when you sent out the money.

Click Bet Now, and then make your selections. Its very simple. Adjust your bet and selections as you see fit, and
finally confirm and place your bet. That’s it!

Placing the Bet via SMS
Here you identify the match you are betting on by its Match Code which, in this example as above is 11375. You choose your prediction by adding it to the Match Code. In the match result bet a Home Win is #1 , an Away Win is #2 and a Draw is #0.
Choose a stake by adding your stake at the end of the bet. 100 KShs is *100.

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So to bet on this match, predicting a Home Win with Kshs. 100, you text
the message 11375#1*100 to our dedicated number 29210.

Get your balance
To get your Elitebet balance. Just SMS the word BALANCE to 29210. You will get a message with your balance.

Withdrawing your Winnings
If you have won its equally simple to withdraw your winnings. Just send a text message starting with W then the amount to 29210. For example,
if you have won 1000 KShs and you want the whole winnings, simply SMS  W 1000 to 29210, and you will receive  your winnings via MPESA on the same day.

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Multiple Bets = Big Winnings via SMS
In a multiple bet all your predictions have to be correct for the bet to win. If you wish to predict the outcome of more than one game you can “link” them together in what is known as a Multiple or Linked bet.

To send multi-bets by SMS you link with “+”.
For example
11373#1+11374#1+11375#2*100 puts the stake of 100 KShs on three matches.


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