Ugandan Government Launches a Web Portal for Business Prosperity


Having a non stop web portal to handle all business deals including investors, traders and entrepreneurs is seen as a move to streamline business activities. Kenya did so long time ago and it is time Uganda did too. The online web portal is believed to offer first hand information and business deals and also sell the country to investors.

This is in a bid to ensure improved business space in the country. The Uganda Investment Authority has launched a One Stop Centre web portal, eBiz which will offer government services for investors, traders, and entrepreneurs for the Ugandan government.

eBiz as a portal will allow businesses owners to apply for various licenses and permits since they’re a requiremrnt for doing business in Uganda. This seems to look and work just very well like the Kenyan version which does the business permits and passport plus visa applications.


The eBiz web portal will be a one single entry through which all government authorities will handle all deals.

The eBiz portal will also serve as a reliable source of information for eBiz users, since all requirements of application process will be listed and described in the portal. So it will offer very many options for users who will include citizens, investors and entrepreneurs.

At the moment, the eBiz web portal is currently offering services including but not limited to:
√ Guiding information for Foreign Investors and Local Entrepreneurs;
√ Applying for Business Name Reservation;
√ Applying for Land title verification/ search letter; and, Assessment and provision of payment slip for services applied.

More services will be available upon completion of the web based portal. As of now only the above are offered.


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