Uber in a move to be the only preferred alternative mode of transport has cut their prices by 35% within Nairobi. Uber wants to be the most and most preferred way of getting around. 

Uber claims that the cutting of prices is not in anyway influenced by the entry of other cab services in Kenya. Uber denies doing this to cope up with competition that might arise from the little cabs by Safaricom and Craft Silicon and other players. 

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Uber Cuts Prices by 35%
Uber Cuts Prices by 35%. This is in a move to become the most preferred cab services company

Yesterday Uber decided to cut their prices by 35% in a move to welcome more customers and also be the most affordable and preferred means of moving around. 

The New  Uber RATES

Old Rates New Rates
Base KES 100 KES 100
Per Minute KES 4 KES 3
Per KM KES 60 KES 35
Cancellation KES 200 KES 200
Minimum KES 300 KES 200
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Let’s wait and see what unfolds after the company Uber slashes the prices for travel within Nairobi. 

What is your opinion on this??