Twitter has launched a ‘retweet with comment’ feature, allowing users to feature other tweets in their own posts without using up available characters. Now you have 116 characters to offer your whatever comment that you want on a post that you retweet.

Twitter said on Tuesday: “Say more with revamped quote tweet! Rolling out on iPhone and web, coming soon to Android.”

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The new feature, which Twitter started testing last summer, is likely to be welcomed with open arms by loud-mouthed users of the social network, ahem, who now have more room to offer their own opinion on someone else’s.

Twitter Launches retweet with comment

Twitter previously let users embed quoted tweets by cutting-and-pasting the URL, but ‘retweet and comment’ lets you do that by just pressing a button.

Now, when you press ‘retweet’ on a pop-up will show you the tweet and a comment box, and you can add your own, no doubt sarcastic, remarks in the comment field. A new ‘quote tweet’ button is now available for mobile devices.

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The change allows you to use 116 characters to add your comment, as opposed to whatever was left over in the past.

However, as we discovered (below) while writing this article, you can’t embed the full retweet and comment, as the original tweet appears as a link, much like it does in Tweetdeck.

We’ve also noticed that retweeted photos or Vines appear much smaller than those in regular tweets, for example, when using the new feature on mobile.

‘Retweet with comment’ can be accessed in Twitter’s apps for iOS and web, and is expected to roll out to other mobile apps soon.

The Next Web reports that there are plans for Twitter’s API to support the updated feature, which could mean that third-party apps such as Tweetbot might soon support it too.

Twitter has yet to confirm this


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