Today Twitter officially announced its January acquisition of livestreaming app Periscope. According to several sources, it will be launched as a separate app from Twitter with the ability to watch both live and previously broadcasted mobile video streams. That lack of ephemerality is the first of many differences between Periscope and Meerkat, the livestreaming app that recently launched and caught on like wildfire in the tech community.

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Twitter Acquires Periscope

Periscope Tweeted

Kevin Weil’s twitter in reply to Periscope’s

Periscope hadn’t yet officially launched before the purchase – there isn’t even an app the public can try yet – which might explain why it wasn’t announced until now.

There will of course be some differences; TechCrunch reports Periscope streams won’t self-destruct like Meerkat’s, and it allows for both private and public broadcasts.