TV Channels found on Zuku Poa


Zuku Satellite PackagesThe Whole number of 53 channels that are offred on the Zuku Poa satellite package at a rate of Kshs 899/-. Even though they say the channel offers 53+ channels, you can see for yourself the channels that you can access on your Zuku Poa subscription.

I hope this however gives you a preview of what the channels are on Zuku Poa package. One other thing not clear is whether Zuku is still showing content for KTN, NTV, QTV and Citizen TV since they wanted them to pay for the content. Or have they paid in already?

  1. Zuku Zone
  2. KBC
  3. Citizen
  4. KTN
  5. NTV
  6. K24
  7. Kiss (KE)
  8. EBRU
  9. QTV
  10. Kass TV
  11. UBC
  12. 3Stones TV
  13. NBS Uganda
  14. Channel Ten
  15. Clouds TV
  16. WBS
  17. Njata TV
  18. Zuku Entertainment
  19. EATV
  20. Zuku Movies Max
  21. Zuku Movies Max
  22. Zuku Movies Action
  23. Zuku Swahili Movies
  24. AMC Series
  25. Zuku Sports
  26. MCS International
  27. Kombat Sports
  28. MBC
  29. Zuku Life
  30. BBC World News
  31. Al Jazeera (English)
  32. i24 News (English)
  33. TVC News
  34. DW-TV
  35. CCTV News
  36. Zuku Kids
  37. Smile of a Child
  38. France 24 (English)
  39. I24 French
  40. Vox Africa
  41. Dubai TV
  42. Abu Dhabi TV
  43. Hope TV
  44. Emmanuel TV
  45. EWTN
  46. God TV
  47. Family TV
  48. Inspiration TV
  49. Peace TV
  50. Safeer TV
  51. Ahlulbayt TV
  52. Hope International
  53. Alerth Alnabawi

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