Tunukiwa Offers

Safaricom has done something lately and this is making the Tunukiwa Offers permanent. Tunukiwa Offers entails customized offers for individuals that could include daily SMS or those that could last for 48 hours. Tunukiwa provides custom SMS, Voice and Data offers.

Previously you could just be offered SMS subscriptions or offers alone. The re-organization of the Tunukiwa offers separates our Data, Voice and SMS offers. By dialing the short code *444# you now are served with a menu with a series of options.

Tunukiwa Offers Categories

  • The Tunukiwa Specials
  • Tunukiwa  Internet
  • Third, Tunukiwa Minutes
  • Tunukiwa Zaidi (SMS)
  • Change Name
  • Tunukiwa Balance
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Tunukiwa Offers

The Tunukiwa Deals Explained

Tunukiwa Specials offers custom special offers for you. This is different from the other Internet, Minutes and SMS. It can contain deals about Data, Voice and SMS.

Tunukiwa Internet does nothing else apart from providing data offers customized for each individual. There are bundles for a day (24 hours), there are those for two days (48 hours). There is also room for weekly subscriptions like mine I can get 3.89GB for Kshs. 1050 for 7 days.

Tunukiwa Minutes the third option also offers minutes on daily, two day duration and weekly. The voice offers run from those whose validity is within 24 hours, 48 hours and 7 days just as it is for data.

Tunukiwa Zaidi happens to be a category whose name signifies more deals. But mostly it should have been Tunukiwa SMS or Texts. It contains text message subscriptions whose duration I think is similar to the above.

Tunukiwa Offer Description
Tunukiwa Special Contains special offers either Voice, SMS and Data
Tunukiwa Minutes Encompasses voice offers, with minutes subcriptions service for weekly, daily and 48 hours
Tunukiwa Internet Weekly, Daily and 48 hour basis data subscription options available
Tunukiwa Zaidi More Tunukiwa deals with SMS subscriptions for weekly basis or 24 hour basis, with daily subscriptions