If you’re a blogger and of course have trued several platforms then you should be familiar with the term tumblr. Tumblr is a blogging website similar to WordPress that utilizes the subdomain to allow users to create their custom blogs.

Tumblr last year introduced such features as GIF but they were not as vivid as they should and as they are now. Tumblr is adding a new post type that will see tumblr users create such posts from pictures and videos.

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GIF posts is a post type on your Tumblr iOS app that was rolled out today and Android is expected to follow in a few weeks time. Just like we have the standard posts,  video, quote etc,  GIF too is a post type.

What happens is when you choose this post type the feature will look into your gallery for any videos and pictures. It then converts the video into GIFs and also pictures that would sit out perfectly.

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So what do you see of this post type? Is it going to change how people see Tumblr as? The GIF tool is similar to snapchat’s editing tool.

What is you opinion on this?